“Two months ago we started this trip. Doesn’t feel like it.

Julianne asked if I miss anyone. I avoided the question…”

– Japan, April 3rd 2015





4 thoughts on “Homesick

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  1. Hmm, I know what home sickness feels like. My summer after my first year in grad. school I cried every day (it seemed like) to go back to Holland. Then I noticed my school friends kept coming over – quess it was obvious… but it helped me through that period.

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    1. That must have been difficult, though I can’t claim to have shared the sentiment. I’ve never actually been one to get homesick.

      If I remember correctly, I had avoided the question because I fell guilty about not missing home and didn’t want to tell her the truth. At the time of writing that entry, all my belongings were packed away in a storage locker halfway across the world, so to be honest, I never really had a home to miss.


      1. Haha I suppose you’re right, though that wasn’t exactly my intention. Looking back, I think it was best that we had uprooted before leaving. It gave us all a sense of freedom we hadn’t experienced otherwise.

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