Who am I?

Hi! I’m Eric Lusk-Jopson, a 20-year-old student studying mathematics, computer science and economics at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. Like many people my age, I see my future as a grey, unclear and distant place with nothing set in stone. What I do see however, is a future filled with travel, surrounded by music and stuffed with food.

I grew up in the coastal town of Nanaimo, British Columbia on the east coast of Vancouver Island. For most of my childhood I could be found cycling, hiking, canoeing and camping with my parents and friends. I owe a lot of my passions to my parents, who took me travelling in an act of ‘worldly education’. It’s pretty easy to trace my love for travel, adventure and food back to them–though music and songwriting was something I discovered on my own.

Bubblegum flavoured birthday cake in New Zealand

Why Travel?

Growing up I had plenty of friends, but never fit in with a particular clique. I was too talkative to be shy and too shy to be cool; I was always too weird or not weird enough, and when it came to my friends, there was hardly ever any common ground between them. At the time I never gave it much thought, but I now realise that this situation paved the way for my fascination with travel.

By the time I was midway through high school I was well accustomed to not fitting in; and by the time I started travelling, I was so used to being an outsider that I could feel more comfortable in a busy Korean market than in the hallways of my own school. Turns out I was lucky and travel was easy for me.

In the heart of Marakech

People too, were easy. I found that communicating with strangers was simple and language barriers were nothing more than a fun challenge, so long as I was genuine. Given a pen, a smile and a pad of paper, I hardly need words at all.

In short, I travel because I am conditioned for travel. I find comfort in meeting strangers, and peace in making friends. I enjoy learning and I enjoy the idea of the unknown.

Why am I here?

My dreams are pretty simple:

1) to find success as a mathematician

2) to never stop travelling.

3) to produce a few albums with my band

This site is my outlet to share the stories, dreams, experiences, art and advice that I have accumulated along the way. So far I’ve travelled through exactly fifty three nations and I’m looking forward to one day having left my footprints in every country.

Meteora Cura
Playing a cura in Meteora, Greece

Of course, I can’t travel all the time since I have to attend school. It’s for this reason that I decided to include music in this blog. An equally large part of my life is spent playing any of the several instruments I own (though I’m best on guitar) and teaching myself to sing. Several years ago, a good friend convinced me to place my poetry to a melody. I don’t think that at the time he realized that he’d just introduced me to the biggest distraction of my life. Today however, my many months spent plucking strings and singing wrong notes have brought me to the cusp of releasing an album and jumping into the local music scene.

So that’s me–music, travel and food. Simple components to build a complex life. By sharing myself with the world, I hope to inform, entertain and inspire you, while driving me to seek adventure. Oh, and teach myself photography.


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